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Yammy Dried Dragon Fruit Chips

Yammy Dried Dragon Fruit Chips

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Healthy Superfood Snack: Each bag contains 3g of protein, 4g of fiber, and 9 essential vitamins. Each crunchy bite contains a mix of strawberry and pear flavors, perfect to satisfy that sweet craving.

Premium Quality: We only use fresh Grade A dragon fruit, which are picked for out for their superior color, flavor, and innate sweetness.

1 Ingredient: Made from 100% red dragonfruit (pitaya) pieces with no added sugar. Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Gut Friendly and Vegan, and Kosher.

Great for Drinks: Add these dehydrated chips as an inclusion to a smoothie, lemonade, juice, tea, refresher or drink for a tropical burst of flavor. Like freeze dried fruit, they can be blended into a dry powder to make a syrup, baked goods, and other yummy foods.

Super Convenient: Each box comes with resealable snack-size pouches, great for both kids and adults. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, hiking, at the office, before a workout, or on the go.

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Customer Reviews

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They’re pretty ok!

Susan Stacey
Yammy is the YUMMIEST!

Yammy Dried Dragon Fruit Chips are absolutely DELICIOUS and so much fun to eat! I love one ingredient snacks, and these Dried Dragon Fruit Chips are PHENOMENAL! I lovvve them!!! Thank you, Yammy!!!

Lori Ulaszewski
Dragon Fruit Chips

Very different. They are sweet like candy, a little chewy, and they stick to your teeth. But the part that sticks to your teeth dissolves quicker than candy, so before you know it, it's not in your teeth any more! The best part is that it has no added oil or sugar!

Jessie Xie
Good chips but too small , expensive

The ba is too small , won’t buy again


Truly enjoyed! Never seen anything like it on the market before and it tastes so good