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What people are saying about Yammy

  • Chewy and addictive!

    These are so good! I can't believe there's 0 sugar added! It's chewy and so yummy I couldn't stop eating them. The packaging also makes it easy to bring it on the go.

    - Noelle

  • Delicious

    Yammy is different! They are refreshing and delicious and good for all ages, perfect for an afternoon snack or a day on the trail. I will definitely be making these a regular.

    - Daniel

  • Soft, moist and sweet with no added anything

    The first time I tasted these Yammy sweet potatoes I was so surprised...they're soft, moist and sweet with no added anything, just sweet potato! I took some to my Mom and she loves them, too. She has arthritis in her hands and thanks to these, she'll never have to cook a sweet potato again.

    - Kit

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Make the perfect trail mix

Combine your Yammies with nuts, granola, or other fruits to make a nutritious snack your taste buds will love!

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Create a yummy salad

Toss those Yammy snacks into your next salad for an extra crunch and kick of tanginess and sweetness!

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Delicious, healthy snacks on the go

  • Super Yummy

    Naturally sweet and packed with flavor. Made from premium fruits and veggies.

  • Good For You

    1 Ingredient with 9+ vitamins and minerals. No added sugar or preservatives.

  • Convenient

    Snack size pouches that you can take anywhere for a natural boost of energy.